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Did you know…?

African American-owned barbershop,
circa 1920

John Carter, one of Flint's first known African Americans, advertised his barbershop business in 1839 in Flint’s first newspaper,
The Flint River Gazette.



Social Studies Updates

Click here to view the MDE K-8 Grade Level Content Expectations for Social Studies.

Click here to view the MDE High School Content Expectations for Social Studies.

You may also view the Social Studies Content Expecations via the Michigan Department of Education website by clicking here; scroll down to select either K-8 or High School Content Expectations.

How will you commemorate Constitution Day?
Click here for Constitution Day lesson plans, resources, and other activities.

How do you commemorate African American Heritage Month?

Historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950) led the efforts to designate February as African American Heritage Month. It began in 1926 as "Negro History Week."

How do you commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month?
Check the following sites for resources to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month:

Education World: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
Scholastic: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
Library of Congress Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson Plans
Smithsonian Institution Hispanic Heritage Month Teaching Resources


Free Civil War Curriculum Available
  The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) offers a free Two-Week Civil War Curriculum for grades 5, 8 & 11. E-mail jrosenberry@civilwar.org to have it mailed to you, or the curriculum can be downloaded online at www.civilwar.org/historyclassroom/hc_curriculum1.htm.

The classroom curriculum guide is endorsed by The History Channel, which helped develop this effective tool for educators. According to Dr. Libby O'Connell, Chief Historian of The History Channel, the CWPT Civil War curriculum guide is "the best two-week curriculum on the Civil War available to teachers today." Dr. O'Connell notes that the guide is part of The History Channel's ongoing partnership with CWPT to encourage students and teachers alike to learn more about our nation's unique Civil War heritage.

Michigan Council for Social Studies Invites Teachers to Become Members


The Michigan Council for Social Studies (MCSS) offers an opportunity for teachers to be part of change in the State of Michigan by joining MCSS. As a member, you will be able to share ideas and insights with your colleagues throughout the state, have access to new resource materials, and a wealth of useful services. You can develop and share ideas on the future of social studies in schools, especially the concerns of teacher preparation and innovative methodology.

The Michigan Council for the Social Studies offers several opportunities that make our membership invaluable, including:

1. MCSS provides a voice in statewide decision making through advocacy and legislative education.

2. MCSS offers you social studies contacts across the state:

o Interest area networking at the Annual Conference gives you an opportunity to meet social studies professionals from other parts of Michigan.

o Conference events provide members and opportunity to meet professionals from your own region.

o Members maintain a presence on the Board of Directors through an elected District Representative

3. MCSS presents annual awards recognizing Educator-of-the-Year, Outstanding Social Studies Students and Educators.

4. MCSS provides you and your students with the opportunity to participate in the annual Michigan Social Studies OLYMPIAD.

5. MCSS exposes you to new materials, texts, and lesson ideas through the Memorandum and the Journal.

6. MCSS helps with your textbook selection and evaluation process by bringing all the major publishers together at the Annual State Professional Development Conference.

7. MCSS has the answers to your thorniest teaching or curriculum problems by putting you in contact with members who have experienced similar situations.

8. MCSS testifies at educational hearings and maintains representation in the Department of Education Committees and in the National Council for the Social Studies.

Visit http://www.michcouncilss.org/ to learn more about MCSS membership.

Nominate a Teacher for Teacher of the Year Award


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is seeking nominations for the annual History Teacher of the Year Award. The award honors one outstanding history teacher from each state and U.S. Territory. This year, only middle and high school teachers are eligible for nomination. The state winner will receive a $1,000 honorarium and will be in the running for the National History Teacher of the Year award to be selected this fall. His or her school library will receive a core archive of history books and materials.

The History Teacher of the Year Award is designed to promote and celebrate the teaching of American history in classrooms across the United States. The selection of the state winner is based upon several criteria, including: experience in teaching American history for at least three years; a deep career commitment to teaching American history; evidence of creativity and imagination in the classroom; and close attention to documents, artifacts, historic sites, and the other primary materials of history.To nominate an exceptional history teacher for the award in Michigan, contact:

Whitney Moses
The Gilder Lehrman Institute
19 W. 44th Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10036
Tel: (646) 366-9666
Fax: (646) 366-9669
Email: moses@gilderlehrman.org


Start a History Club at Your School for Students


Have you ever wanted to give your history-loving students a way to continue their exploration of the subject outside the classroom? If so, perhaps you will consider forming a history club chapter at your school this year and joining the National History Club (NHC). Created in March 2002, the NHC was formed to help history clubs from around the country communicate and share ideas and activities with each other through a biannual Newsletter and other programs. There are now chapters in 42 states and over 7,000 students involved.

Clubs are given the flexibility to choose the activities in which their members want to participate, and this has allowed for a wide range of projects. Some activities have included: interviewing World War II veterans, visiting Abraham Lincoln's home and neighborhood, a lecture on the Civil Rights Movement, traveling to Washington D.C., and holding a Ben Franklin look-a-like contest.

Go to www.nationalhistoryclub.org to learn more about starting a History Club at your school. For additional information, contact Bob Nasson, NHC Executive Director, at rnasson@nationalhistoryclub.org. You can help train the next generation of historians and history teachers.



Click here for opportunities for students.


Find information about state curriculum standards, testing updates, and more: www.michigan.gov/mde.


Two Michigan governors have come from Flint.  Henry Crapo served as governor from 1865-1868.  Josiah Begole served as governor from 1883-1884.

Henry Crapo
Josiah Begole