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Did you know…?

Henry Bibb (1815-1854)

Henry Bibb, a formerly enslaved abolitionist from Kentucky,
spoke against the horrors of slavery at the Genesee County Courthouse in the late 1840s.

 His autobiography,
Narratives of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb,
an American Slave,

was published in 1849.

Click here to read the narrative.



Future Historians
Essay Contests History Club Michigan/National History Day Fun Websites

Interested in winning certificates, prizes, and even chances to travel because you like history? Check out these amazing opportunities below. You never know--a little effort can go a long way!

Be sure to check with your guidance counselor for current essay contests and academic enrichment oppportunites.

Start a History Club at Your School (Opportunity for All Students)


Want to start a club at your school especially designed for those who like history? Perhaps you will consider forming a history club chapter at your school this year and joining the National History Club (NHC). The NHC was formed to help history clubs from around the country communicate and share ideas and activities with each other through a biannual Newsletter and other programs. There are now chapters in 42 states and over 7,000 students involved.

Clubs are given the flexibility to choose the activities in which their members want to participate, and this has allowed for a wide range of projects. Some activities have included: interviewing World War II veterans, visiting Abraham Lincoln's home and neighborhood, a lecture on the Civil Rights Movement, traveling to Washington D.C., and holding a Ben Franklin look-a-like contest.

Speak with one of your school's history teachers about your idea. Together, go to www.nationalhistoryclub.org to learn more about starting a History Club at your school.

Michigan/National History Day Contest (Opportunity for Students in 4th-12th Grade)


The Historical Society of Michigan is pleased to sponsor the Michigan/National History Day Contest. This is a fascinating opportunity for students in grades 4 through 12 to be creative with history. Categories include:

  • Documentary Film Making
  • Performance (First-Person Interpretation/Living History)
  • Exhibit or Website
  • Essay/Research Paper

The key to a successful entry is original research using a variety of resources. Participants experience hands-on history through personal interviews, newspapers, manuscripts, museum artifacts, maps, photographs, and other primary sources. Participants learn how to define an historical question, locate source material, take notes, analyze information and present it in an effective manner. Thesis statements, footnotes, and bibliographies are just a few skills emphasized in the Michigan/National History Day Contest.

Prizes include monetary awards, certificates, and chances to compete regionally and nationally.

For additional information on Michigan History Day, contact Hugh Gurney, our district coordinator, by phone at (517) 545-2979 or by email at hgurney@mailstation.com.

For further information on National History Day, visit the National History Day website at: www.nationalhistoryday.org.


Interview Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was one of America's most famous inventors. In this interactive game, you have been assigned to interview Ben Franklin. No kidding, you will receive answers!

Mapman Game

Test your knowledge of world geography in this interactive game about places and locations around the globe.

Digging For Answers

See how much you know about history and beat the clock! The Smithsonian Institute offers this fun online quiz game called "Digging for Answers."

Go Across the West with Lewis and Clark

Follow the adventures of Lewis and Clark across the Louisiana Territory. You can even make your own decisions! This site is provided by National Geographic.